Client Intake

We recently launched our website, so a few words on our intake process and the first steps in establishing an attorney/client relationship seem appropriate.

During the initial free consultation, we will first review the facts of your case and address:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position?
  • What’s your probability of success?
  • How much is at stake?
  • Are you relying on a legal argument, the facts, or both to win your case?
  • Are there any evidentiary or procedural issues that need immediate attention?

 It’s usually a good idea to send relevant documents to us before the meeting.

 Second, we will discuss your goals, how to achieve them, and answer these questions:

  • What result do you want in the litigation?
  • Should you engage in discovery and to what extent?
  • Should you plan on filing any motions?
  • Are there any legal or evidentiary issues that must be addressed?
  • What’s the feasibility of alternative dispute resolution?

Lastly, we will propose a short-term course of action. This may include further fact-finding, legal research and/or drafting documents to be filed in court.

You may want to meet with other attorneys to discuss your case before deciding whom you want as your representative. A second opinion is often helpful. Choosing the right attorney may be the single most important decision you make during the entire litigation. The strength of that relationship may be the difference between winning and losing your case in court.

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